Institute for the Handicapped and Backward People is pleased to announce that we have started a new Unit namely “MUSIC THERAPY” at 44, Chanditala Branch Road, Behala, Kolkata – 700 053. We have appointed an experienced and highly trained Music Teacher named Sima Chowdhury.  We have started the “Music Therapy” Unit, keeping in mind the Cerebral Palsy, Mentally Retarded, Autistic and Hearing Impaired students of our Special School. One can be a bit surprised and amused on hearing that Hearing Impaired students are taking part in Music Therapy Class, here we want to mentioned that our Music Teacher has adopted new innovative ways for the Hearing Impaired students and they are responding very well to Music. Music is very much soothing, has positive effect and is capable of a number of health benefits including lowering stress levels, raising states of consciousness, changing moods, accessing different states of mind, developing the brain and is useful in meditation -which has a ton of health benefits. Music also improves visual & verbal skills like several studies have shown that music education at an early age stimulates the child’s brain in a number of ways that helps to improve verbal skills, communication skills and visual skills. Music also makes one happier, as mentioned before, music has the power to do so much. It causes us to feel emotions like happiness, excitement, joy, etc.  Listening to Music also improves sleep quality. Some of the most common things to interfere with sleep are stress and anxiety (heart rates.) Since music has the ability to affect both in a positive way, research has found that listening to music at various times promotes better sleep patterns for people and even created more restful sleeps. In this way Music is beneficial and has a positive effect on the student’s school and all are very happy.

Apart from Music this “Music Therapy” Unit we also have started Yoga in our School, where the Cerebral Palsy, Mentally Retarded, Autistic and Hearing Impaired students of our Special School will participate. Our Music Teacher, Sima Chowdhury is also a qualified Yoga instructor. Yoga is very much beneficial and does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It's a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. Like Music, Yoga is very beneficial for our student’s.

We also want to special mention the names of 2 (two) Mentally Retarded students of our School, Arindam Kumar Dey and Koushik Sengupta, who are highly talented in reciting Poems/Poetry and Singing and we believe they can participate in any Program and win laurels/award for themselves and our School.